WDSF Nort Europian Champion
Competition class:
Thank you for the competitors, the public, voluntary workers and Officials. Again we finished together a competition with a fantastic atmosphere and many great talents. <3 Veino and Heikki + Jessica
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The Dance-Finlandia award Mrs. Eila and Mr. Orvo Holme’n Helsinki Open Dance Festival has a tradition of annually rewarding the Dance-Finlandia award to people who have dedicated a lifetime of work for constructivelly and succesfully benefiting and advancing the Finnish dance cultureincluding social and competitive dancing. ��
Was received by Eila and Orvo Holme’n behalf of Left: Heikki Holme’n, Teemu Holme’n, Marianne Holme’n, Right: Vieno and Heikki Ketonen