The registration is valid only after payment has been received. Entry fee will be carry out during the weeks of to the bank or Paypal
The last entry date is 3.10.2014.  Juvenile 1 couples can dance WDSF Juvenile 2 Open standard and latin Youth couples can dance WDSF World Open standard and latin Seniori 2 couples can dance WDSF Senior 1 Open standard and latin. Seniori 3 couples can dance WDSF Senior 2 Open standard and latin Please note that the schedule and rules will allow for participation. Note extra category of registration takes place at the venue.           Please check the timetable, so that it allows you to dance both group Age categories according to WDSF rules.  (See WDSF age groups) Costumes according to the WDSF rules. (see Competitions start see Schedule   Start numbers must be collected not later than one hour before your competition starts. Make-Up Not Allowed Juvenile 2 and Junior 1 class. If you have any questions or you need VISAS,  please contact us ENTRY FEES: You can pay entry fee to the bank account or PayPal. WDSF North European Championship class 25€/ dancer day. (Couple 50€/day) WDSF Adults World Open class  30€/ dancer day. (Couple 60€/day) WDSF and FDSA Open class  25€/ dancer day. (Couple 50€/day)  Youth couples can dance to World Open competition (if schedule allow from that) day fee is € 30/person /day (couple 60 €/day) Couples can participate in the same daily charge more categories of the competition   if it is possible to schedule. Please, remember if you are competing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will need to pay for all days. If you pay bank, entry fees should be transferred to the following bank account: Please, put couple’ names and classes in which they participate on the bank file when paying. Account holder:  Tanssin Maailma Address:            Keltanotie 10 00900 Helsinki Finland Bank:                Aktia Pankki Oyj. Helsinki, Itäkeskus   Bank account:    405500-1194021 IBAN:                FI20 4055 0010 1940 21 BIC:                  HELSFIHH                                                                                                                         
Friday 17.10.2014 North European Championship, Open all couples to Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. WDSF Adult Open Latin & Std WDSF Youth Open Latin & Std WDSF Senior 1 Open Latin & Std WDSF Junior 2 Open Latin & Std WDSF Junior 1 Open Latin & Std
Saturday 18.10.2014 WDSF World Open Standard WDSF Youth Open Latin WDSF Senior 1 Open Standard WDSF Senior 2 Open Latin FDSA Junior 2 Open Standard FDSA Junior 1 Open Latin FDSA Juvenile 2-1 Open Latin (4 Dance) (Latin. Samba, Cha cha, Rumba, Jive)
Sunday  19.10.2014 WDSF World Open Latin WDSF Youth Open Standard WDSF Senior 1 Open Latin WDSF Senior 2 Open Standard WDSF Senior 3 Open Standard FDSA Junior 2 Open Latin FDSA Junior 1 Open Standard FDSA Juvenile 2-1 Open Standard (4 Dance) (Standard: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep)
Competitions start see Schedule..
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FDSA class is Open to all, is not required WDSF ID card.